Are You Prepared to Handle the Next Cyber Security Attack?

It’s not a matter of if a cyberattack is going to strike your organization. You must assume that you are under attack. Defending against a cyber security incident requires a comprehensive strategy – from scrutinizing your current level of incident response preparedness to testing your cyber security defense measures to being able to stop threats from advancing through your network.

Delta Risk LLC delivers IT security services that protect your most critical assets from intrusion and compromise. Depending on your level of cyber security sophistication, we can coach your security teams through incidents, evaluate the effectiveness of your IT security program, test your network defenses, or operate as your virtual security operations center (vSOC).

While the cost of attacks is consistently decreasing, the cost of recovery from a data breach is only increasing. Our team of analysts, technical experts, consultants, and pen testers are dedicated to proactively protecting your business from more advanced, targeted attacks that could cause long-lasting reputational and financial harm. Between collaborating with strategic partners and leveraging best-of-breed technologies, we tailor our cyber security solutions and approaches so you aren’t caught flat-footed when your networks and systems are breached.

IT Security Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Through our ActiveInsight services, we take a multi-faceted approach to evaluate your organization’s cyber defenses with tailored risk assessments and framework-based gap analysis.

Managed IT Security Services

Managed Cyber Security 

With our ActiveEye managed security services, we combine people, processes, and technology to continuously monitor your systems inside and outside the network.

IT Response Services

Response Services

Our ActiveResponse services empower your security teams to stop attackers from advancing through your network, and improve your incident response program.

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