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Washington Post Covers Recent Delta Risk Investment Gain

December 9, 2016

Washington Post local economy writer, Aaron Gregg, covered Delta Risk’s $3 million capital growth for the Capital Business section. The article highlights the strategy behind The Chertoff Group and its affiliate investors additional support of Delta Risk expansion.

As Gregg details, “Both companies are trying to capitalize on a well-documented dearth of analysts defending private businesses from theft.”

Gregg also interviewed Delta Risk CEO Scott Kaine, who explained the unique value that the cyber security firm offers its customers, including its military experience and technical skills. While the cyber security skills shortage has contributed to more companies investing in technology, The Chertoff Group is investing in its people.

As Kaine explained, “People are the key element that tends to get over-shadowed by the glitz and glamour of these software and box centers out there.”

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