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Security Experts to Share Lessons Learned Hunting Advanced Cyber Criminals

March 10, 2017 


Delta Risk LLC to Present March 16 Webinar Featuring Case Study on Pursuing Network Attackers

SAN ANTONIO, TX — March 10, 2017 — With the number of cyber incidents and data breaches skyrocketing, more security professionals are turning to proactively hunting for network attackers to identify and mitigate threats sooner. Delta Risk LLC, a global provider of cyber security and risk management services, announced today that it will host a live webinar on this topic, “Case Study: Six Lessons Learned Hunting Advanced Cyber Criminals,” on Thursday, March 16, at 3:00 PM ET.

Chris Hendricks, Vice President of Security Operations Services, Delta Risk, and Andrew Cook, Manager, ActiveResponse, Delta Risk, will be the presenters. Based on their experiences from a recent hunt engagement, they will explore how it feels to be on the trail of an advanced cyber criminal, the mindset needed to approach the hunt, and what indicators and intelligence can be used to identify the attacker.

Hendricks and Cook will discuss the technical aspects of the engagement, as well as the business and legal impact, including topics such as:

  • The relationship between hunt and response, both before and during an incident;
  • The importance of an investigative mindset;
  • The tools and skills needed to get answers to important questions;
  • The challenges and necessity of telling compelling technical and business stories;
  • The value of adding high-quality research and threat intelligence to the mix; and
  • The pitfalls and power of attribution.

“There’s no substitute for real-world experience to teach you hard lessons,” said Hendricks. “This webinar will provide a unique and useful perspective for cyber security professionals who are being asked to tackle threats like these every day.”

Both speakers have extensive experience hunting threat actors. Prior to Delta Risk, Hendricks was a federal criminal investigator specializing in counterintelligence and cybercrime investigations. Cook was an active duty Air Force Officer prior to Delta Risk, where he spearheaded cyber security teams that discovered and countered advanced persistent threats to critical national assets.

Based on a recent survey of more than 1,900 information security professionals performed by Crowd Research Partners in the 2017 Cyber Security Trends Report,the top two challenges facing security operation centers (SOCs) were the detection of advanced threats (hidden, unknown, and emerging) and the lack of expert security staff to mitigate such threats, with 70 percent of respondents citing the detection of advanced threats as their top challenge.

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