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SATX Youth Code Jam Recognizes Delta Risk Leadership

November 10, 2016

Delta Risk took part in SATX Youth Code Jam 2016, leading the inaugural cyber security station in the first year it was offered. For their efforts, the Delta Risk team that ran the station was recognized with a Certificate of Awesomeness by the Youth Code Jam organizers. Nearly 600 children took part in the dozen coding stations that were offered.

“We’re proud to support the future of the IT, programming, and security professions,” said Chris Evans, VP of Solutions for Delta Risk. “We enjoyed working with the SATX Youth Code Jam team on this event, and appreciate the recognition for our efforts.”

Other highlights from the post-event survey:

• 98 percent of students said they learned something new
• 82 percent of students gained an interest in coding
• 100 percent of parents feel better equipped to help now
• 99 percent of students think coding is cool

The only thing that could have made Youth Code Jam 2016 better? According to one youth, free balloons. Maybe next year.

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