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How to Maximize ROI for a Cyber Security Training Budget

February 23, 2017


Delta Risk LLC Webinar on March 2 Will Focus on Improving Return on Investment for Cyber Security Training and Education Programs

SAN ANTONIO, TX — February 23, 2017 — Delta Risk LLC, a global provider of cyber security and risk management services, announced today that it will host a live webinar on “How to Invest Your 2017 Cyber Security Training Budget for Maximum ROI” on Thursday, March 2, at 1:00 PM ET. The online presentation will discuss the challenges and benefits of providing effective cyber security training programs to employees and information security staff, and how to make better investment decisions.

Cyber security education and training has gone from luxury to necessity over the past decade as the number of threats – as well as industry compliance requirements – have increased dramatically. Preventing data breaches and other cyber incidents requires security teams to stay current with technical training, and for employees to be not just aware of but truly educated about the threats.

The upcoming webinar will discuss common issues organizations face when trying to implement and maintain educational programs, including topics such as:

  • What kind of training is best suited for each role in an organization
  • How to evaluate training programs to find the right one for each team
  • How to create a business case for cyber security training and development

Presented by Matt Kuznia, Senior Associate, Delta Risk, and Jim Mitchell, Associate, Delta Risk, the presentation will focus on practical steps that IT and security professionals who are in charge of cyber security training can take, based on Delta Risk’s experience from commercial and federal client engagements in the past year. Types of training discussed will include C-suite risk management and technical training for SOC staff, as well as employee awareness training for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), enterprise organizations, and government agencies.

“Although organizations know they should be investing in cyber security education and training, many of them struggle with how to demonstrate a solid return on their investment,” said Kuznia. “By listening to this webinar, attendees will get advice on how to best spend their training budget, as well as real-world examples that can help them understand what training is most effective for each role.”

Based on a recent survey of more than 1,900 security professionals performed by Crowd Research Partners, the biggest obstacles to stronger cyber security cited in the 2017 Cyber Security Trends Report were:

  • Lack of skilled employees (45 percent);
  • Lack of budget (45 percent); and
  • Lack of security awareness among employees (40 percent).

To help overcome these challenges and create a better security posture, 31 percent of organizations plan to invest more in training this year.

Delta Risk LLC provides tailored, high-impact cyber security and risk management services to government and private sector clients worldwide. Formed in 2007, Delta Risk consists of trusted professionals with expert knowledge around technical security, policy and governance, and infrastructure protection to help clients improve their cyber security operational capability and protect business operations. Delta Risk is a Chertoff Group company.