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Data Theft, Security Breaches Driven by Rise in Insider Threats

June 6, 2017


Delta Risk LLC June 8 Webinar Will Focus on How to Detect and Prevent Threats from Within

SAN ANTONIO, TX — June 6, 2017 —Three out of four cyber security professionals recently surveyed indicated they are concerned about insider threats, and more than half say the risk of insider threats has risen in the past year, contributing to the increased risk of stolen data and security breaches. Delta Risk LLC, a global provider of cyber security and risk management services, announced today that it will host a webinar on “Insider Threat Prevention: Unmasking Your Hidden Risks,” on Thursday, June 8, at noon ET. Delta Risk experts will discuss essential elements of an insider threat program, and why it’s important to consider a formal program as part of an overall security plan.

In the webinar, Michael Jansen, CISSP, ITVA, a Senior Cyber Security Consultant with Delta Risk, and Noah Powers, CISSP, ITVA, a Senior Associate with Delta Risk, will discuss the advantages of implementing a formal insider threat program, what an effective program looks like, and who should be involved in developing it. Holger Schulze, founder of the popular LinkedIn Information Security Community, will serve as the moderator.

The presentation will also explore:

  • What motivates internal versus external threat actors;
  • Real world examples of insider threats and organizational effects; and
  • Elements to building an effective insider threat program.

“While you can’t directly control human behavior, you can implement safeguards to protect, detect, and respond to insider threats,” Jansen notes. “Whether data thefts and security breaches are the result of malicious or unintentional actions by insiders, they must be equally guarded against.”

The latest Insider Threat Spotlight Report, published by Crowd Research Partners in partnership with the LinkedIn Information Security Group, indicates that 74 percent of security professionals feel their organization is vulnerable to insider threats, and 56 percent say insider threats have become more frequent in the last year.

According to the report, the top motivations for malicious insider threats were monetizing sensitive data (55 percent), fraud (51 percent), and sabotage (42 percent). Espionage was less of a concern, as highlighted by respondents (38 percent).


Jansen has more than 14 years of experience in cyber security and cyber operations, and his areas of expertise include computer network operations, network security, acquisition and lifecycle management, testing and evaluation, training, cyber security frameworks, and cyber security technical controls. Prior to Delta Risk, he served more than 20 years in the U.S. Air Force.

Powers has more than 10 years of experience in cyber security, including expertise in threat intelligence, adversary perspective, cyber exercises, physical security, enterprise vulnerability assessments, and training in defensive network operations, with a focus on Advanced Persistent Threats and Insider Threats. Prior to Delta Risk, he served in the US Air Force, and is a graduate of the US Air Force’s Undergraduate Network Warfare Training course.

Schulze manages the largest online security community on LinkedIn as well as the Cybersecurity Insider website. He has worked in coordination with Crowd Research Partners to create reports on a wide variety of security and marketing topics, including the 2017 Cyber Security Trends Report and the Insider Threats Spotlight Report.

Delta Risk LLC provides tailored, high-impact cyber security and risk management services to government and private sector clients worldwide. Formed in 2007, Delta Risk consists of trusted professionals with expert knowledge around technical security, policy and governance, and infrastructure protection to help clients improve their cyber security operational capability and protect business operations. Delta Risk is a Chertoff Group company.