October 25, 2017

[White Paper] Understanding The Challenges of Cloud Monitoring and Security

In this new white paper, we examine how you can monitor cloud applications and platforms as part of your overall security program. We also discuss solutions you can deploy to get better visibility into who’s accessing your network and critical assets. .

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6 Essential Steps for Creating an Actionable Incident Response Plan

Ryan Clancy,, October 20, 2017

A few weeks ago, I spoke at the ASIS 63rd Annual International Conference about creating an actionable cyber security incident response plan that is tested and proven. Considering ASIS is more focused on physical security, I kept my recommendations focused on incident response in general.

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Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spread Via Fake Flash Player Updates

HIPAA Journal Staff,, October 25, 2017

A new ransomware threat has been detected – named Bad Rabbit ransomware – that has crippled businesses in Russia, Ukraine, and Europe. While Bad Rabbit ransomware attacks do not appear to have been conducted in the United States so far, healthcare organizations should take steps to block the threat.

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Cybercriminals Focus on the Shipping and Cloud Storage Sectors

Help Net Security Staff,, October 23, 2017

The Anti-Phishing Working Group’s latest report found upticks in phishing attacks against companies in the Logistics & Shipping as well Cloud Storage & File Hosting sectors, mounted by cyber gangs against the accounts of both individuals and enterprises.

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[Opinion] 5 Ways to do 15 minutes of Cybersecurity Without a Computer

Mark Stockley,, October 20, 2017

If there’s one cybersecurity practice that absolutely everybody can do, that absolutely everybody should do, that should be as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth, making the first cup of coffee and correcting people who are wrong on Reddit, it’s this: Keep your software up to date.

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New Locky Ransomware Strain Emerges

Dawn Kawamoto,, October 19, 2017

Latest version goes by the .asasin extension and is collecting information on users’ computer operating system and IP address. Locky authors have again retooled the highly persistent ransomware campaign with a new strain that performs reconnaissance on victims’ computers and goes by a new file extension name, PhishMe reports.

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Upskilling, the Forgotten Solution to the Cyber Security Gap

Nick Ismail,, October 19, 2017

Theories and suggestions are constantly being thrown around the cyber security industry as to what should be done to rectify the cyber workforce disparity as organisations scavenge left, right and centre for info-security professionals to save them from a damaging cyber attack.

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How States Can Improve Cybersecurity on a Budget

Issac Kohen,, October 19, 2017

As cybersecurity increases in importance, the room to improve cybersecurity efforts becomes harder on tighter budgets, but there are measures states can take. In 2017, there were 42 state-level bills introduced to improve government cybersecurity practice.

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Why the Krack Wi-Fi Mess Will Take Decades to Clean Up

Brian Barrett,, October 17, 2017

A vulnerability in Wi-Fi encryption has sent the entire tech industry scrambling; the so-called Krack attack affects nearly every wireless device to some extent, leaving them subject to hijacked internet connections. In terms of scope, it doesn’t get much worse—especially for the Internet of Things.

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Survey Says: Soft Skills Highly Valued by Security Team

Ray Lapena,, October 17, 2017

Continuing the discussion around the skills gap our industry is facing, I’m excited to share our final set of results from the Tripwire skills gap survey. My previous post highlighted the need for technical skills. But as this next set of findings indicates, soft skills in cybersecurity are not be overlooked.

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