October 11, 2017

[Infographic] Simple Steps to Online Safety: 31 Days of Cyber Security Tips

Lauren McKenna,, September 29, 2017

We are excited to be a 2017 champion. Throughout NCSAM, we will post blogs that address weekly themes to further educate and spread awareness around important cyber security topics./p>

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New NIST and DHS Standards Get Ready to Tackle BGP Hijacks

Catalin Cimpanu,, October 9, 2017

Two US government agencies have united forces to coordinate the creation of a new set of standards aimed at securing the process of routing of information between major Internet entities, such as Internet Service Providers, hosting providers, cloud providers, educational, research, and national networks.

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Is Cybersecurity Encryption Ready to Break?

Larry Karisny,, October 6, 2017

From mismanaged encryption keys and system errors to eventual crypto cracking, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption has increasingly become more difficult to maintain as the needs for these encryption services exponentially increase.

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70% of US Employees Lack Security and Privacy Awareness

Dawn Kawamoto,, October 3, 2017

The majority of US workers fall short when it comes to strong knowledge of security and privacy best practices, potentially putting their companies at risk of a breach, according to a new report.

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Half of ITDMs: Cybersecurity Still Not a Top Priority for the Board

Michael Hill,, October 9, 2017

Almost half of IT decision makers (ITDMs) think members of the board still do not consider cybersecurity to be a top priority, according to findings from Fortinet’s Global Enterprise Security Survey.

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FICO-Like Cybersecurity Scores are Imminent: What Do They Mean For Your Business?

Mark Kuhr,, October 5, 2017

We are a culture of “likes,” numbers and ratings. In today’s age, we have easy access to any public information on the internet, and thanks to the explosion of big data, we also have the ability to view, manipulate and compare numbers in a variety of ways.

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Sonic Confirms Malware Breach After Customer Card Data Lands on Carding Shops

Catalin Cimpanu,, October 5, 2017

Sonic Drive-In, a fast food chain with over 3,600 restaurants across the US, has acknowledged a malware breach that affected an yet unidentified number of locations. The breach came to light last week when infosec journalist Brian Krebs spotted a trove of payment card details on underground forums and card shops that appeared to come from Sonic customers.

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What’s New on Pharma’s Worry List? Cybersecurity, Natural Disasters, and Much More

Tracy Staton,, October 9, 2017

Anyone who’s read a Securities and Exchange Commission filing in the U.S. recognizes the risk disclosure section, where biotech and pharma companies list the pitfalls of investing in their shares. Like an investor-oriented version of the risk disclosures in drug ads, they run the gamut from garden-variety competition to political unrest in farflung markets.

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Hackers Pounce on Three Vulnerable WordPress Plugins

John E. Dunn,, October 5, 2017

Remember the old saying about bad things coming in threes? Flaw hunters Wordfence would probably agree with the sentiment after uncovering some nasty zero-day flaws in a trio of WordPress plugins.

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