May 24, 2017

Disney Hackers Threaten to Release Upcoming Movie: Report

Phil Muncaster,, May 16, 2017

Disney boss Bob Iger has said the mass media giant is being targeted by hackers who are trying to extort money from the firm by threatening to release a film they claim to have stolen. The CEO of the entertainment behemoth told ABC employees of the stand-off at a town hall meeting in New York, multiple sources told The Hollywood Reporter. The hackers are said to have demanded a substantial payment in Bitcoin, and threatened to release five minutes of the unnamed film and then subsequent 20-minute chunks if their demands aren’t met.

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Cyber Handyman Skill #4: Get to Know and Love the Command Line to Simplify Your IT Tasks

Matthew Kuznia,, May 19, 2017

In our previous blog in the series, “5 DIY Cyber Security Skills Every IT Professional Needs to Master,” I discussed the basics of coding and programming that every cyber handyman needs to know. Today, I’ll cover the command line, a cyber handyman’s best friend. I first thought about going the “Top X Most Useful Commands” route for this blog topic, but those blogs often seem arbitrarily contrived. Instead, I’ll focus on how the command line can be valuable for specific cyber handyman related tasks.

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NIST Cybersecurity Framework: The Smart Person’s Guide

Brandon Vigaliarolo,, May 19, 2017

The tech world has a problem: security fragmentation. There’s no standard set of rules—or even language—used to address the growing threats of hackers, ransomware, and stolen data, and the threat only continues to grow. President Obama recognized the threat in 2013, which led to his cybersecurity executive order that attempts to standardize practices. President Trump’s recent cybersecurity executive order went one step further and made the framework created by Obama’s order into federal government policy.

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Research Finds IT Professionals Lack Company Loyalty

Dan Raywood,, May 19, 2017

In a survey of 113 companies who had suffered a breach 71% of IT practitioners claimed that brand protection was not their responsibility, while 70% do not believe their companies have a high-level ability to prevent breaches. The research, by Centrify and the Ponemon Institute, found that 67% of chief marketing officers worry about reputation, but 63% of IT practitioners worry about their jobs.

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Outsourcing Security: Would You Turn Over the Keys to a Third Party?

Ryan Francis,, May 17, 2017

Years ago it would have been unthinkable to give up control to secure your most valuable assets. But for some companies, the risk of handing the security keys to a third party is less than the idea of facing the daily barrage of attacks. When asked why a company would cede control, many vendors said it depends on the level of staffing that company has.

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Heartbleed vs. WannaCry: A Tale of Two Cyber Attacks

Jason Miller,, May 22, 2017

If there was ever a case to be made for why agencies and organizations invest in cybersecurity protections, look no further than the recent WannaCry ransomware attack. The federal government came away unscathed by the malware that hit more than 300 countries and impacted more than 300,000 computers worldwide. Why did this nasty virus not infect federal computers?

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In Search of an Rx for Enterprise Security Fatigue

Rick Orloff,, May 22, 2017

The last thing any company stakeholder wants is to be in the headline of a news story about a security breach. Not only does it do irreparable damage to your reputation, but it could also have a huge monetary impact on both revenue and the overall value of your company. Just ask Yahoo, which, after reports of being hit by two major data breaches last year, had to settle for a $350 million price cut in its sale to Verizon.

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Ransomware Rocks Endpoint Security Concerns

Dawn Kawamoto,, May 19, 2017

The WannaCry attack campaign was top of mind here this week as industry experts and enterprises say that was only the beginning of ransomware threats yet to come. “Ransomware is one of my biggest concerns and my users’ knowledge about opening bad attachments,” says Dan Tarnowski, IT manager at CCMA LLC. Tarnowski noted that while ransomware is one of his biggest concerns, his organization has been fortunate to have avoided this threat so far.

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Why Is Cybersecurity So Hard?

Michael Daniel,, May 22, 2017

After nearly 20 years of trying and billions of dollars in investment, why are organizations are still struggling with cybersecurity ? In fact, the problem seems to be getting worse, not better. Answering this question requires moving beyond a purely technical examination of cybersecurity. It’s true that the technical challenges are very real; we don’t know how to write bug-free code, for example.

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