July 26, 2017

Massive Healthcare Fraud Takedown Sees 412 Charged for $1.3 Billion in Fraudulent Billings

HIPAA Journal Staff,, July 19, 2017

Last week, the United States Department of Justice announced the largest healthcare fraud action to date. 412 individuals were charged, including 115 doctors, nurses and other medical professionals for their roles in healthcare fraud schemes. 120 doctors and other medical professionals were charged for prescribing opioids and other dangerous narcotics.

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What We Learned From the 2017 National Insider Threat Symposium and Expo

Devesh Panchwagh,, July 21, 2017

The 2017 National Insider Threat Symposium and Expo, hosted by the National Insider Threat Special Interest Group (NITSIG), put the spotlight on insider threat detection, behavior patterns, program development, law enforcement, legal ramifications, and future challenges.

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Cybersecurity Spending: Are You Patching Holes or Checking Boxes?

Brad Fuller,, July 20, 2017

We often hear clients and prospective clients asking “how much should I be spending on cybersecurity?” That is a very complex question and one that is not easily answered without first having an understanding of what you mean by cybersecurity.

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Children Especially Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Attacks in Health Care

AAP Division of Quality,, July 20, 2017

As electronic options to provide and access patient health information increase, so too can opportunities for hackers to steal that information or hold it hostage if medical professionals do not maintain and upgrade their cybersecurity.

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Is That Really You Typing? New DoD Tech Will Know

Mohana Ravindranth,, July 19, 2017

The Pentagon could soon do away with authentication cards if a new approach takes off: using a person’s typing behavior to verify their identity. Within three to five seconds—12 to 25 keystrokes—a new product called Biotracker can collect enough data about a computer user to distinguish them from others in their organization.

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Resolving the Cyber Security Crisis of Confidence

Nick Ismail,, July 20, 2017

As the number of high-profile data breaches continues to rise year-on-year, cybersecurity has never been as prominent in the public eye, with WannaCry being the most obvious recent example.

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Who’s Responsible for Protecting Patient Data in the Cloud?

Bill Siwicki,, July 18, 2017

When it comes to hiring, enterprise security teams can use all of the help that they can rally. When hiring entry-level talent, that’s not as easy as it may seem — many times because entry-level applicants don’t do everything they could to help their cause.

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Over 70,000 Memcached Servers Still Vulnerable to Remote Hacking

Swati Khandelwal,, July 18, 2017

Nothing in this world is fully secure, from our borders to cyberspace. I know vulnerabilities are bad, but the worst part comes in when people just don’t care to apply patches on time. Late last year, Cisco’s Talos intelligence and research group discovered three critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities in Memcached.

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How to Avoid Being the Weakest Link in Your Company’s Information Security

John White,, July 10, 2017

When you think of hackers, you probably think of some spy movie where they come down from the ceiling to steal a computer off of a desk and then whisk it away to their laboratory where they input lines of code to crack the encryption. In reality, hacking is often as simple as learning about a user and then guessing their password or even asking them for it: a process called social engineering.

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