December 13, 2017

[Webinar] Flying Blind: 2017 Cloud Configurations Gone Wrong

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at 2017 cloud data breaches: what went wrong and how to avoid the same fate. What are some of the telltale signs a misconfiguration is going to put your critical assets at risk? How can you avoid a misconfiguration in the future? Join our team of cloud security experts for a 45-minute webinar to learn more about the steps you can take to improve your cloud security posture and keep your critical information protected.

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3 Steps You Can Take Now to Lower Your Security Risk

John LeBrecht,, December 7, 2017

Managing risk across an organization requires a lot of different things: setting strategy, determining tolerance, defining metrics. These are critical in your overall risk management efforts, and even more so in information security. But where do you begin?

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2018 is Primed for Blockchain, Big Data and Cloud Computing Advancements, All with a Better Security Plan

Bill Siwicki,, December 7, 2017

Health IT is in a very fluid state and evolving quickly. Hospital executives and technology professionals no doubt have their hands full keeping up with technological advances, security events and much more. Following are six health IT predictions for 2018 from various experts in the field that can help C-suite executives and other health IT pros stay on top of the latest trends and developments moving into the new year.

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Is Cyber Insurance Provoking More Cyberattacks?

Paul Lucas,, December 6, 2017

If there is one area of insurance that has dominated conversations during 2017, it would have to be “cyber.” Once seemingly a policy “for the future,” it has been thrust into the mainstream spotlight by high profile attacks such as Petya and WannaCry. However, could cyber insurance actually be the cause as well as the cure?

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How to Encrypt All The Things

Andy Greenberg,, December 9, 2017

Cryptography was once the realm of academics, intelligence services, and a few cypherpunk hobbyists who sought to break the monopoly on that science of secrecy. Today, the cypherpunks have won: Encryption is everywhere. It’s easier to use than ever before. And no amount of handwringing over its surveillance-flouting powers from an FBI director or attorney general has been able to change that.

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[Opinion] The 8 Biggest IT Management Mistakes

Dan Tynan,, December 11, 2017

Everybody makes mistakes. Most are harmless, some are embarrassing but forgivable, and some can take your career — or your company — down with them. Some of the most common IT gaffes include becoming trapped in a relationship with a vendor you can’t shake loose, hiring or promoting the wrong people, and hiding problems from top management until it’s too late to recover.

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Ransomware’s Bitcoin Problem: How Price Surge Means a Headache for Crooks

Danny Palmer,, December 12, 2017

The value of bitcoin has soared in recent days: at the one point the cryptocurrency was worth almost $19,000 before it dropped back to around $16,500, where it has roughly remained since. It’s almost impossible to predict what will happen next. The price of bitcoin could rise again or it could crash — but, for now at least, a single unit of the cryptocurrency is worth a significant amount of money.

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Automation Could Be Widening the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Gary Golomb,, December 13, 2017

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cybersecurity skills shortage is now expected to hit 3.5 million positions by 2021 — a huge jump from current estimates of 1 million job openings. To help compensate for the growing shortage of talent, the cybersecurity industry is embracing artificial intelligence and automation to fill the gap. But can automation actually make the skills gap even greater? Unfortunately, yes — but security can still find a balance.

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99% of Office Workers Threaten Their Company’s Cybersecurity

Olivia Krauth,, December 13, 2017

Virtually all office workers—99%—admit to making at least one action that could threaten a company’s cybersecurity, a new report from Intermedia found. Out of more than 1,000 office workers interviewed, nearly all said they did at least one potentially dangerous activity, such as sharing or autosaving passwords or sending work documents to personal accounts or devices.

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60 Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018

Gil Press,, November 26, 2017

Like death and taxes, there are only two safe predictions about cybersecurity in 2018: There will be more spectacular data breaches and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25. But as the continuing digital transformation of our lives entails the ongoing digital transformation of crime, vandalism and warfare, 2018 could also bring a lot of new takes on old vulnerabilities, some completely new types of cyberattacks, and successful new defenses.

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