August 30, 2017

Cybersecurity 101: How Universities are Dealing With Hackers

Alfred Ng,, August 27, 2017

Cybersecurity 101: How Universities are Dealing With Hackers
As thousands of freshmen move into their dorms for the first time, there are plenty of thoughts rushing through their minds: their first time away from home, what cringey nickname they’re gonna try to make a thing, if there are any parties before orientation kicks off.

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Why the Honor Code Among Hackers Has Broken Down

Jeff John Roberts,, August 26, 2017

The honor code among hackers has broken down. That’s the opinion of Christopher Ahlberg, the CEO of Recorded Future, a company that places moles in chatrooms where cyber-criminals gather, and uses machine learning to predict attacks.

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Incident Response Best Practices: What You Can Expect During the First Call

Andrew Cook,, August 18, 2017

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just discovered your network has been breached. You need to get a handle on the situation quickly but you’re still trying to figure out what happened. What are the incident response best practices you should follow?

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The Current State of Government Cybersecurity is ‘Grim,’ Report Says

Conner Forrest,, August 24, 2017

When it comes to cybersecurity readiness, US government organizations aren’t doing so hot. In a recent report from SecurityScorecard comparing the security practices of 18 industries, government ranked no. 16.

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Outside Attacks Caused Almost Half of Data Breaches in July

Joseph Goedert,, August 22, 2017

Data breaches in the healthcare industry were most likely caused by outside hacking in July, the first month in 2017 in which threats from outside healthcare organizations exceeded insider breaches, according to Protenus, a security firm that tracks industry breaches.

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Popular Robots are Dangerously Easy to Hack, Cybersecurity Firm Says

Jeremy Kahn,, August 22, 2017

Some of the most popular industrial and consumer robots are dangerously easy to hack and could be turned into bugging devices or weapons, IOActive Inc. said. The Seattle-based cybersecurity firm found major security flaws in industrial models sold by Universal Robots, a division of U.S. technology company Teradyne Inc.

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Interest in Cyberinsurance Grows as Cybercrime Targets Small Businesses

Marissa Lang,, August 28, 2017

Ajay Bam is more tech-savvy than the average small-business owner. A coder by training, Bam started a business that delves into deep areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And yet, Bam said, he wasn’t able to foresee or fend off a cyberattack that nearly sank his startup, Viryll, a service for online marketers, earlier this year.

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How Open Source Analytics can Boost Your Cybersecurity Arsenal

Fedscoop Staff,, August 28, 2017

Data growth never stops and the sheer volume and variety of this data has challenged organizations to makes sense of it all. Over the last few years, these groups have been turning to big data solutions to extract valuable insights and actionable intelligence from these massive new sets of data.

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Firm Sees ‘Overwhelming Response’ to Cybersecurity Training Program

Mike Akers,, August 29, 2017

When someone looks to change career paths and get into a new industry, it can be tough. Nevada has tapped a company to help make that transition easier for those seeking work in the technology sector.

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