August 2, 2017

Hackers Descend on Las Vegas to Expose Voting Machine Flaws

Kevin Collier,, July 30, 2017

Election officials and voting machine manufacturers insist that the rites of American democracy are safe from hackers. But people like Carten Schurman need just a few minutes to raise doubts about that claim.

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A Pen Tester’s Perspective on Petya Ransomware

Noah Powers,, July 26, 2017

There’s no shortage of analysis on the Petya ransomware strain that struck organizations across the globe in the past month. You can find blog posts and articles covering practically every angle – from the machine language nuances of the code, to the length of the encryption key, to the possible nationality of the code writer.

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Could Cybercriminals Be on the Verge of Executing a New, Terrible Type of Attack on Healthcare?

Mark Hagland,, July 31, 2017

An excellent “Perspective” op-ed article published online earlier this month in The New England Journal of Medicine is bringing forward for industry leaders to consider a very important and alarming new possibility around data breaches involving PHI (protected health information).

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Creating a Common Language of Cybersecurity

Robert K. Ackerman,, August 1, 2017

As electronic options to provide and access patient health information increase, so too can opportunities for hackers to steal that information or hold it hostage if medical professionals do not maintain and upgrade their cybersecurity.

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A $10 Hardware Hack that Wrecks IoT Security

Lily Hay Newman,, July 29, 2017

Most consumer tech manufacturers figure that once a hacker can physically access a device, there’s not much left that can be done to defend it. But a group of researchers known as the say that giving up too soon leaves devices susceptible to hardware attacks that can lead to bigger problems.

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Enterprise IT Leaders Demand More Stringest Cyber Security From Suppliers

Nick Ismail,, July 31, 2017

Nick Ismail,, July 31, 2017
CybSafe, the behavioural science based cyber security e-learning platform, today revealed that enterprise level organisations are increasingly assessing cyber security during supplier contract negotiations.

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Facebook Security Chief: Cybersecurity Pros Need More Empathy to Protect Us

Mike Orcutt,, July 26, 2017

Facebook was arguably the most important battleground for information warfare in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, and its chief security officer says cybersecurity professionals need to do more to protect Internet users from bad actors.

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[Opinion] The Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity is Not Enough Info Sharing

Lloyd McCoy Jr.,, July 26, 2017

Even the Department of Defense is working hard to keep pace with the changing landscape of cybersecurity threats. The key, by most estimates, is information sharing. But whether the DOD and other agencies are ready for the level of sharing required is another matter.

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Hackers are Winning the War as Companies Worldwide Fail on Cyber Security

Nick Ismail,, July 27, 2017

Most companies worldwide are failing to measure cyber security effectiveness and performance, according to a cyber security report from Thycotic – a provider of privileged account management (PAM) and endpoint privilege management solutions.

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