November 2019

[Blog] Security Automation in ActiveEye 2.0

Tempy Wright,, October 21, 2019 

Security automation is critical to identifying threats and resolving alerts faster. It plays a key part in the latest release of our cloud-native Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) platform, ActiveEye 2.0. Learn more in our blog.

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Baltimore Turns to Cyber Insurance, October 18, 2019

Baltimore, which was the victim of a widely publicized ransomware attack earlier this year, is buying $20 million in cyber insurance. A Baltimore Department of Finance and Office of Risk Management request for the expenditure was approved by the city’s Board of Estimates.

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Magecart 5 Linked to Carbanak Gang, October 22, 2019 

Researchers have linked Magecart Group 5, the credit-card skimming cyber criminals behind the Ticketmaster breach, to Dridex phishing campaigns and the infamous Carbanak group.

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Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against CafePress Following Data Breach, October 7, 2019

Leading online gift shop CafePress is the target of a proposed national class-action lawsuit in the United States after allegedly failing to update its security software and taking months to inform customers of a data breach.

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Notorious FIN7 Crooks Have New Malicious Code Up Their Sleeves, October 10, 2019

Cyber security researchers have discovered two new tools used by a prolific hacking group known as FIN7, highlighting how, despite a law enforcement crackdown, the group appears to be thriving and making a lot of money in the process.

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American Express Customer Info Accessed by Employee for Possible Fraud, October 2, 2019  

An American Express employee is being investigated for accessing card holder information and potentially using it to open accounts at other financial institutions. Starting on September 30th, 2019, American Express began sending out data breach notifications to cardholder members whose information was fraudulently accessed by an employee.

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[News] Delta Risk’s New ActiveEye 2.0 Reduces 95 Percent of False Positives to Find and Resolve Cyber Threats Faster

Businesses are struggling to defend themselves against cyber security attacks and data breaches, while managing complex legacy security solutions with limited staff. A focus on advanced security automation is key to sifting through the noise of thousands of security alerts and eliminating false positives. Learn more about our new ActiveEye 2.0 solution here.

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