August 2019

[Blog] Employee Training and Awareness: A Key Component of Your Cyber Security Program

John Stufflebeam,, July 25, 2019 

 Employee training and awareness are a key component to any successful cyber security program. So, how can you improve your programs? Read our latest blog post to find out more.

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Capital One Data Theft Impacts 106 Million People, July 30, 2019

Federal prosecutors charged a Seattle woman with stealing data from more than 100 million credit applications made with Capital One Financial Corp. Incredibly, much of this breached played out publicly over several months on social media and other open online platforms.

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Equifax to Pay $700 Million in 2017 Data Breach Settlement, July 22, 2019 

Equifax will pay as much as $700 million to settle federal and state investigations on the heels of its infamous 2017 breach, which exposed the data of almost 150 million customers. If the initial amount does not cover consumer losses, the company may need to pay an additional $125 million.

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Another Year, Another Raft of IT Security Concerns for IRS, July 19, 2019

Auditors at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) are concerned about several newly discovered holes in information security that could put personal and financial information for U.S. taxpayers stored by the IRS at risk. A recently released 2018 information security audit released found 14 new information system security control deficiencies.

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Louisiana Declares State of Emergency After Ransomware Attacks, July 26, 2019  

The Governor of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency in response to a wave of ransomware attacks there. Governor John Bel Edwards made the declaration following a series of “severe” ransomware attacks that hit school networks in the Sabine, Morehouse, and Ouachita parishes of North Louisiana.

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Marriott Faces $125 Million GDPR Fine Over Mega-Breach, July 9, 2019  

Britain’s privacy watchdog has previewed a suggested fine of $125 million under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation against Marriott for its failure to more rapidly detect and remediate a four-year long data breach. The breach exposed around 339 million customer records globally.

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Federal Workers Can Sue Over Data Breach, Court Says, July 9, 2019

Two class action lawsuits, in which federal workers claimed they were harmed when the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) exposed the personal data of 21.5 million people in 2014, can proceed, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled. The case could have a significant impact on other cyber-attacks that have targeted the federal government and involve the personal data of employees.

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[White Paper] Understanding the Challenges of Cloud Monitoring and Security

In this white paper, newly updated for 2019, our experts talk about some of the new and unique security challenges surrounding the move to the cloud. They also talk about how each organization is ultimately responsible for properly configuring their own security controls to protect their data, applications, and cloud infrastructure. Download our white paper to learn more.

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