May 16, 2018

[Webinar] Threat Hunting Versus Compromise Assessments: What’s the Difference?

View our on-demand webinar to learn why you need to devote resources to threat hunting and compromise assessments, whether it’s through dedicated teams or third-party services.

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Why GDPR is Every Security Professional’s Dream

Ryan Clancy,, May 10, 2018

It was the fall of 2016, and I winced at the title of the article: “Is YOUR Organization Ready for GDPR?” I thought to myself, what was GDPR again? It sounded like a device used on CSI to lift fingerprints from a moving ceiling fan. Turned out the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was a new law approved by the European Union (EU) Parliament that was set to significantly change data privacy – and soon. Fast forward over a year later and the emails and articles with GDPR buzzwords were filling up my inbox. Regardless, as a cyber security consultant, I had to find out for myself, so I grabbed a croissant and some hazelnut spread and prepared to ingest this 88-page manuscript four years in the making.

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Cybersecurity Attacks are Up, With Ransomware Cited as a Top Threat

Bob Violino,, May 10, 2018

A majority of organizations saw an increase in cyber security challenges in the past year and many experienced at least one incident, according to a new report from IT solutions provider US Signal. The company surveyed about 120 security experts, and 81 percent said cyber security challenges had risen in the previous year, while 40 percent experienced at least one security incident in that time period. Another 13 percent did not know if they had experienced an attack.

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[Opinion] The 3 Hidden Costs of Incident Response

Dan Patterson,, May 10, 2018

Even for well-run security organizations, justifying expenditures can be difficult. Sometimes it takes a significant event – the proverbial learning moment – before security teams see a needed increase in budget for staff, training and tools. This happens because it’s straightforward to analyze the costs to a business stemming from a breach that causes an outage, loss of data, or even adversely impacts a stock price.

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The 6 Best Blockchain Jobs of the Future

Alison DeNisco Rayome,, May 11, 2018

While blockchain adoption remains slow, industries including finance, manufacturing, and healthcare are exploring the developing technology’s potential to create business advantages like reduced operational costs, faster transaction speeds, and more secure records. An estimated 1,520 blockchain startup companies are now looking for workers, along with a number of corporations like IBM and Microsoft. As the market continues to grow, more lucrative career options will open up for those skilled with blockchain, according to a report from

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26% of Companies Ignore Security Bugs Because They Don’t Have the Time to Fix Them

Catalin Cimpanu,, May 10, 2018

A survey compiled last month at the RSA security conference reveals that most companies are still behind with proper security practices, and some of them even intentionally ignore security flaws for various reasons ranging from lack of time to lack of know-how. The survey, which compiled answers from 155 security professionals from the companies present at the RSA conference, revealed that only 47% of organizations patch vulnerabilities as soon as they are known.

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iOS Users are 18x More Likely to be Phished Than to Download Malware

Help Net Security Staff,, May 8, 2018

Phishing is the number one mobile threat affecting organizations. The Wandera’s Phishing Report 2018 shows that iOS users are 18x more likely to be phished than to download malware, and that 4000 new mobile phishing websites are launched every day. This shift to mobile is supported by data that reveals 48% of phishing attacks are on mobile, and research that shows users are 3x more vulnerable to phishing on mobile than on desktop.

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Cybersecurity Skills Shortage: Where Are All the Penetration Testers?

Chris Sullivan,, May 14, 2018

It’s no secret that the security industry suffers from a severe skills shortage. Amongst the many cybersecurity positions companies are currently challenged to fill are penetration testers’ roles. However, of all the skills that are in high demand and short supply, pen testing shouldn’t be one of them. Pen testers are the rock stars of infosec – everyone wants to be a pen tester. Moreover, companies clearly recognize the need for pen testing skills. So, what is the problem?

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Is The C-Suite Exempt From Cyber-Crime Anxiety?

Greg Kim,, May 14, 2018

If recent cyber-attacks are anything to go by, cyber-criminals are capable of causing colossal damage to organisations of all sizes. With vital public services such as the NHS succumbing to attacks, it seems that nothing is off the table when it comes down to cyber-criminals deciding who to target. However, according to some reports, the C-suite isn’t sweating over the potential of an attack or the financial fallout if such an attack is successful.

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Among Millennials, Women More Excited About the Cybersecurity Field Than Men

Riia O’Donnell,, May 15, 2018

Female millennials (57%) are more likely than their male counterparts (40%) to find a career in cybersecurity exciting, according to survey data from Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), summarized in a blog post by ProtectWise. The research suggests a possible shift in learning choices for women, with only slightly fewer women considering a career in information tech than their male counterparts.

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