May 22, 2019

[Blog] Are Your Third-Party Vendors Putting You at Risk? 

Ryan Clancy,, May 16, 2019 

Some of the most costly and destructive data breaches happen as a result of cyber criminals taking advantage of security weaknesses in third-party vendors. So, are your third-party vendors putting you at risk? Learn more in our blog.

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Google Will Work with Huawei for 90 Days After U.S. Eases Trade Restrictions, May 16, 2019  

Alphabet Inc’s Google said that it plans to work with China’s Huawei over the next 90 days, shortly after the U.S. temporarily eased some trade restrictions on the world’s second-largest smartphone maker. The move marks a sudden and dramatic turnabout for the U.S. tech conglomerate.  

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Secret Tracking Device Found in Navy Email to Navy Times Amid Leak Investigation Raises Legal, Ethical Questions, May 17, 2019  

A Navy prosecutor sent an email to the editor of Navy Times that was embedded with a secret digital tracking device. The tracking device came at a time when the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is mounting an investigation into media leaks surrounding the high-profile court-martial of a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes. That email came after several months of Navy Times reporting that raised serious questions about the Navy lawyers’ handling of the prosecution in the war crimes case.  

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Feds Target $100M ‘GozNym’ Cybercrime Network, May 3, 2019  

Law enforcement agencies in the United States and Europe unsealed charges against 11 alleged members of the GozNym malware network, an international cybercriminal syndicate suspected of stealing $100 million from more than 41,000 victims with the help of a stealthy banking trojan by the same name. 

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Attackers Are Messing with Encryption Traffic to Evade Detection, May 15, 2019 

Unknown groups have started tampering with Web traffic encryption, causing the number of fingerprints for connections using Transport Layer Security to jump from 19,000 to 1.4 billion in less than a year. 

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Cyber Security Experts Fear Fallout From Apple Case, May 14, 2019   

Cyber security experts are worried about the fallout from a Supreme Court ruling allowing customers to sue Apple over the prices in its App Store, claiming it could eventually lead to more unsecured apps being sold to consumers. The Supreme Court recently ruled that a group of iPhone users can proceed with their class-action lawsuit against Apple, which claims that the company’s monopoly over the downloading of apps from its App Store drives up prices. 


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Microsoft Patches Critical Vulnerability Comparable to WannaCry, May 15, 2019  

Microsoft released fixes for a “wormable” remote code execution flaw reminiscent of the vulnerability that allowed WannaCry ransomware to propagate to computers around the globe in 2017. The Remote Desktop Services vulnerability, which Microsoft has rated as critical, could allow hackers to install programs, and view, change, or delete data. 

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2 Million IoT Devices Vulnerable to Complete Takeover, May 2, 2019  

Over 2 million IP security cameras, baby monitors and smart doorbells have serious vulnerabilities that could enable an attacker to hijack the devices and spy on their owners — and there’s currently no known patch for the shared flaws. The attack stems from peer-to-peer (P2P) communication technology in all of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which allows them to be accessed without any manual configuration. 

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[Webinar] Battle-Tested Strategies for Supercharging Office 365

If your servers are hosted in the cloud, you’re likely cutting your network’s operational costs, but at what cost to your cyber security? Learn how you can position yourself to proactively detect and prevent security incidents before they happen by watching our on-demand webinar.

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