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Secure Your Organizational Boundaries with 24/7 Monitoring
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Compliance-Ready Protection to Secure the Enterprise Boundary

Detect threats with advanced network intrusion detection (NIDS) powered by the world’s largest crowd-sourced computer-security platform. Aggregate, normalize, and correlate information from your existing perimeter devices like firewalls, proxies, other IDS systems, and more. Meet many compliance requirements at once: NIDS, monitoring, log retention, reports, vulnerability assessment.

Enterprise Network Monitoring

First Line of Defense
Aggregate and analyze network traffic to detect attack patterns that indicate malicious activity or compromise. Correlate data to provide trending and analytics to reduce vulnerable attack vectors.
Leverage Existing Investments
Routers? Firewalls? Servers out the wazoo? Our SIEM can handle whatever you’ve already purchased so you’re not stuck buying a pile of new equipment.
Pre-Built Compliance Reports
Robust full suite of compliance reporting including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and NERC CIP. Reports are push-button simple and keep you in the know.
Proactive Defense with Vulnerability Scanning
Be defensive with a risk-based approach using continuous or passive vulnerability scans. Industry standard rankings ensure you can focus on the highest priority gaps first.
Are Your Existing Security Tools Monitored Effectively?

Regulations and compliance requirements often stipulate expensive security investments like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus, and others. Unfortunately, these tools by themselves won’t stop determined attackers if they’re not monitored or they’re monitored intermittently. It takes expert analysis to convert warnings and alerts into actionable recommendations.

The ActiveEye Advantage

The Delta Risk Advantage

Integration With Existing Security

Out of the box integration to SIEM and other MSS solutions

Intelligent Analytics

Machine learning, combined with real-time threat analytics provides quick, accurate alerting

24x7 Ops Support from an All-American Team

U.S.-based SOC monitors your activity around the clock with an expert staff of experienced security analysts

Complete Cyber Security Partner

Get the people, process, and technology you need to enable your security function or supplement what you have in place today