Endpoint Security

Monitor All Your Internal and Endpoint Assets
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Endpoint Threat Detection, Asset Discovery, Internal Traffic Analysis, and Log Collection

Continuously record and capture all threat activity. Enable analysts and responders to operate with all available facts and quickly discover root causes of any issues. Seamlessly integrate dozens of threat intelligence streams to detect and respond to the most advanced threat actors. Capture and retain log information to meet compliance requirements and get detailed analysis, detection, and response.

Endpoint Monitoring


Advanced Persistent Threats

Detect highly targeted attacks often missed by other defenses and isolate infected systems in seconds for rapid incident remediation.

Improve Investigations into Anomalies

With 100% continuous recording, you see a visual of the kill chain, allowing real-time incident response and enabling proactive threat hunting.

Validate and Triage Alerts

Using advanced intelligence, we’ll correlate alerts with other systems in your stack, giving you verified alarms, not false positives.

Compliance-Ready Aggregation and Reporting

Enjoy complete visibility to proactively discover threats and keep all your systems inspection ready.
Are Your Existing Security Tools Monitored Effectively?

Regulations and compliance requirements often stipulate expensive security investments like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, antivirus, and others. Unfortunately, these tools by themselves won’t stop determined attackers if they’re not monitored or they’re monitored intermittently. It takes expert analysis to convert warnings and alerts into actionable recommendations.

The ActiveEye Advantage

The Delta Risk Advantage

Integration With Existing Security

Out of the box integration to SIEM and other MSS solutions

Intelligent Analytics

Machine learning, combined with real-time threat analytics provides quick, accurate alerting

24x7 Ops Support from an All-American Team

U.S.-based SOC monitors your activity around the clock with an expert staff of experienced security analysts

Complete Cyber Security Partner

Get the people, process, and technology you need to enable your security function or supplement what you have in place today