Delta Risk Team Selected To Present At The (ISC)² CyberSecureGov 2016 Conference

March 21, 2016

Stephanie Ewing-Ottmers and Chris Evans of Delta Risk have been selected to present at the (ISC)² CyberSecureGov 2016 Conference on May 20. The presentation, Advancing Your Cybersecurity Exercise Program, discusses how cyber exercises can be matured into integrated, multi-year strategic programs.

(ISC)² CyberSecureGov 2016
May 19 – 20
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington D.C
Conference Site


How mature is your cyber security exercise program? Are you evolving or checking the box? Cyber security exercises present a plausible, relevant, and high impact scenario and offer opportunities to drill processes, evaluate personnel effectiveness, and observe gaps in people, processes, and technology in response to that scenario. This session discusses how cyber exercises can be matured into integrated, multi-year strategic programs, leveraging different types of cyber security exercises, as evolved from the HSEEP (Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program) framework. Advanced concepts, addressing evolving threats and topics of scenario design, planning, execution, and the differences that make cyber security exercises relevant will be highlighted. Leveraging the latest techniques based on proven frameworks, a strategic cyber security exercise program can provide realistic opportunities to train the way we need to defend and allow people, processes and technology to train together and be evaluated jointly rather than individually. Participants will discuss how to create an organic exercise program capability through capacity building, with emphasis on exercise capability as a central component of a broader cyber security preparedness program. Several case studies from both government and the commercial sector highlighting the benefits and key observations from cyber exercises are provided, adding a tangible outcome dimension to the session.