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Delta Risk Management Team

Fausto Molinet

Fausto Molinet

Solutions Expert

Fausto Molinet is a solutions expert with Delta Risk, LLC. He has 11+ years in the cybersecurity domain providing risk and threat assessments, cyber exercise planning and execution, cyber operations command and control, planning, and execution, threat assessments and mitigation strategies.  With 17+ years of experience in information technology he has a broad background in network architecture, security, operations and programming. As an expert in cyber exercise and training programs, Fausto has designed, executed, and evaluated numerous cybersecurity tabletops, functional exercises, workshops and drills to improve organizations’ incident response processes, in multiple sectors including energy, financial, and insurance.  Most recently, he led a team of 3 consultants to establish a broad-spectrum cybersecurity exercise program for a large international oil and gas corporation.

Prior to Delta Risk, Mr. Molinet established and led the defensive branch of the United States Air Force Cyber Operations Center as a subcomponent to United States Cyber Command. His team was the focal point for all defense activities on Air Force networks and was responsible for ensuring the eradication of malicious logic as well as the configuration of active defensive systems and operational policies to defend from attacks.  He has participated in numerous exercises at the Joint and Service levels, planning and executing cyber and other non-kinetic effects to support air combat operations.

He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and is pursuing graduate courses in Business Administration and Information Management at Aspen University. He is ISC2 CISSP and SANS GIAC Security Essentials certified.

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