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Delta Risk Board

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is General (Retired) Michael Hayden, Principal at The Chertoff Group and former Director of the National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency. Additional board members include Michael Chertoff, co-founder and Executive Chairman of The Chertoff Group and former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; George Norcross, Executive Chairman of Conner Strong & Buckelew; Jeff Schmidt, founder and CEO of JAS Global Advisors LLC; Kanad Virk, Head of Private Equity and Chief Operating Officer at The Chertoff Group; and Scott Kaine, CEO of Delta Risk.

Founded in 2007, Delta Risk employs a team of trusted professionals with expert knowledge around technical security, cloud security, and managed security services who work with government and private sector clients worldwide. Delta Risk helps clients improve their cyber security operational capability and protect their business operations. In April 2015, Delta Risk received a strategic investment from an affiliate of The Chertoff Group and became a Chertoff Group Company.